Food family® - freshness, taste, safety

Food family

Fresh meat is one of our core competencies. Under the brand ‘Food Family®’, we produce beef and  pork with excellent quality standards. The fundamental pillars of this activity are industry leading raw material controls, consistent high processing standards and a continual drive for top quality. We take great care in ensuring pure dining pleasure for our consumers.

Our aim is clearly defined: freshness and taste, quality and safety at all times. Based on the regional distribution of the VION offices and our logistical excellence, we are able to implement in a fast, efficient and flexible way for our partners.

Top Quality Fresh Meat

‘Our passion is directed towards our partners, our expertise towards better products – in quality, freshness and taste.’

True partnership defines our business

In order to continue to meet the desires and requirements of our clients and consumers as effectively as possible, we never settle for the status quo, but rather focus our energies on developing with the future in mind. We optimise slaughter methods, hygiene standards and production processes. Our aim is and remains the creation of top-quality foods.

Giving our best from the outset

Quality begins with farming, with a controlled source of origin system and speciesappropriate animal husbandry. In order to guarantee the high quality of our products, we have developed an integrated ‘transparent’ chilling and control chain, which often goes above and beyond the safety regulations stipulated by law. Our products are guided and inspected both by ourselves and by independent scientific institutions.

For our products and partners

Based on the concept of genuine partnership, we dedicate all of our efforts to
improving our products and processes, with our clients, suppliers and consumers at the forefront. This means we can guarantee excellent levels of quality at all times.

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