Executive Committee

Francis Kint - CEO
As of 1 September 2015, Francis Kint takes up the position of CEO at Vion Food. Before, since 2013, Francis Kint was CEO of UNIVEG. His international career consists of various management roles at companies such as Chiquita (Vice President North and Eastern Europe), Fiskars (President Europe) and UNIVEG. During his career he worked in, among others, Belgium, France and Germany. Francis Kint has substantial knowledge of and experience in the food sector. He is familiar with the challenge of handling fresh products and is very experienced in maintaining good relations with suppliers, clients and producers worldwide.

Joost Sliepenbeek - CFO

Joost Sliepenbeek (51) has been appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Vion Food per 1 May. Joost Sliepenbeek has extensive knowledge of financial management, and brings valuable experience in the Retail and Food sectors. Joost Sliepenbeek has, among other functions, been CFO of Albert Heijn, HEMA, C1000 and Van Gansewinkel. He started his career at De Vleesmeesters.


Frans Stortelder - COO Pork
Since March 2015, Frans Stortelder has been the COO of the division Pork, and is also a member of the Executive Committee of Vion Food. Frans Stortelder has a wide experience and an excellent track record within the meat sector. For instance, he achieved very good results in the field of valorisation. With this knowledge and expertise he will put the optimal valorisation within Vion Food into practice.

Bernd Stark - COO Food Service
Bernd Stark has been working at Vion Food since 2005, beginning as Director at Salomon Hitburger. In 2011, he became the Managing Director of Salomon FoodWorld, a part of Vion Food. Since 2012, he has been the Managing Director of the division Food Service in Germany. He previously held positions at Nestlé Schöller, including that of Marketing Director. He was also responsible for the Mövenpick brand. Bernd Stark is highly competent and his knowledge and expertise are of great value for the division Food Service.

Bernd Stange - COO Beef
Bernd Stange has been Managing Director of the BU Fresh Meat Germany and the BU Pork and Beef since 2013. He joined Vion Food in 2000, starting as Managing Director at A. Moksel. In 2006 he was responsible for the BU Fresh Meat North before moving to the BU Fresh Meat South. Bernd Stange has worked in the meat sector throughout his professional career and has built up a deep knowledge of the sector and experience at management level.

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